Hi, I am Test Automation Developer living in Vancouver BC, Canada, originally from Moscow Russia.
I came to Test Automation after a brief career as a Web Developer (something I now do as a hobby) but most importantly with Test Automation, I ended my lifelong career search and after receiving 3 different educations and trying 5 different careers (including Early Childhood Education, Accounting, Financial Audit and Web Development) I finally found my calling and settled with the most exciting career of all times.

Why Test Automation

My biggest strength is being a creative problem solver. That’s how my mind works. When I see the world around me I see the world of opportunities, how things can be improved, made better, made right so test automation field provides me with plenty of opportunities:

  • To be a creative problem solver.
  • To make things easier for others, enable them to do more, do things faster, more accurate.
  • To be a part of the ever-evolving world of new technology I find truly fascinating.

Why I created this website

Having my own website dedicated to Test Automation and other technology topics is something I wanted to do for some time. I’ve done test automation for over 15 years. I am often approached by others asking how to get into Test Automation filed of work, how to go about setting up a Test Automation practice in the organization. I’ve shared this information numerous times, coached and instructed several people and consulted multiple organizations. It’s about time I sat down and officially talked about this. There are plenty of other topics I’d like to share about Test Automation and web development so this is my forum to do so.

For 15 years that I’ve done Test Automation, I’ve been specializing in Microfocus (formerly Mercury and HP) Test Automation tools suite such as QuickTest Professional (QTP) aka Unified Functional Testing (UFT), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Performance Center/Load Runner. Some other tools I’ve worked with are Apache JMeter and Neotis Neoload. I’d love to add more Test Automation Tools to my portfolio so on this website I am also going to share everything I learn about Test Automation with tools other than QTP/UFT such as Selenium and Katalon Studio.

My other projects

I am also a multi-passionate entrepreneur and work on a variety of online projects and endeavors. Find the list of my current projects on my portfolio website kiseta.net

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